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September 30, 2015

Vintage Wines

While many wines can readily be bought in a wine shop at affordable prices, there are also wines that are quite expensive – vintage wines. Vintage ink wine is more than just a beverage, because lots of efforts were devoted to the creation of a wine than simply mixing it up and bottling it.

Vintage is another method of classifying wines. A vintage ink wine is made from grapes grown in a single specific year. Vintage wine bottles are dated accordingly to the particular year. This suggests that vintage wine rating is very high, and consequently vintage wines are rather expensive. The flavor of vintage wines is very good. However, it can be improved within age if the wines are properly stored. Wine collectors, traders and enthusiasts save good vintage wine bottles for future consumption. This allows the wines to age, giving them a better, sharper flavor.

To ensure the fine quality present in vintage wines, the best quality grapes are harvested and used. The wine-making technique is undertaken with great care. This makes vintage wine rating higher and, hence, vintage wines more expensive than non-vintage ones. Vintage wine gifts are usually the flagship or leading wine of a wine producer.

Vintage wines are made in a single batch so each bottle of wine will retain the same taste. However, several factors such as a region’s climate can significantly alter the character of the wine. As a result, different vintages from the same vineyard can be varied in flavor and quality.

In the US there are specific regulations about what wines can be labeled vintage. This helps customers to ensure that they are getting true vintage wine. In order a wine being labeled as vintage with the country of origin, 95% of grapes used in a wine must come from the same year. Without the country of origin on the label, the wine must contain 85% of grapes harvested in the same year.

These are the basic characteristics that set vintage wine apart from other wines and why vintage wines are more expensive than other wines on the market. Taking into consideration this information, you may be sure to get what you pay for when buying a wine. And at Metal Imagination you will find the comprehensive selection of unique metal wine bottle holders that will perfectly fit any special event and wine.