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September 30, 2015

Wine Tasting Parties

Most wine lovers, at some point, have taken the opportunity to participate in a wine tasting party. In many cases, the wine tasting is sponsored by a commercial winery. Sometimes local merchants who sell wine gifts will have a tasting. Even cruise lines have wine tasting on many cruises. However, have you thought that it is quite possible to turn your home bar, or wine bar into a very professional wine tasting party? Of course your wine tasting party doesn’t have to be professional, but that’s for sure you’d like it to be authentic and fun.

Home wine tasting parties should be rather small gatherings. Tell each your friend to bring a bottle of wine in the specific price range. Now there are two schools of thought on the types of wine to bring. Some wine tasting parties feature all of the same type of wine, a Merlot, for example. Other wine tasting parties feature the variety of different wine types. In any case you can always throw a wine tasting party at home and make it really special event for you and your friends.

Certainly, you want your wine tasting go as smoothly as possible. Consequently, preparation to your in home wine tasting party is a key. You may need to have a quality wine corkscrew such as a heavy duty commercial opener that makes opening fast an effortless. Also make sure you have a wine bucket handy with ice, or electronic wine chiller, in case one of your guests brings a wine that needs chilling. Wine Bottle Holders from Metal Imagination are the ideal solution for any in home wine tasting parties as they make it easier to move the bottles around the table in a stylish way.

Instruct your guests to evaluate the wines using a 3 step process. First, have them look at the clarity and color. Wine should have an appealing look. Next, they should smell the wine. Try to get your guest's first impressions, as they are always the most accurate. Wine aromas change the longer they meet with the air. Have your guests inhale deeply and describe what they smell. Finally, have them taste the wine. It's interesting to note that when evaluating the wines, your guests will seldom show a consensus on which wine is "the best".

In home wine tasting parties are not only fun, but they give you the opportunity to show off your wine furniture, wine carts and wine bottle holders. With the help of Metal Imagination and our unique wine bottle holders, you will throw wine tasting parties that are really exciting and funny for you and your guests.