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Wine Etiquette

Whether you enjoy a glass of wine at home with friends, in a restaurant or in a tasting room, correct wine etiquette makes the tasting experience much more enjoyable. Good taste dictates that tasting and drinking of wine requires certain formalities. These tips are very helpful especially when you are invited to a party of wine connoisseurs as you may bring a bottle of vintage or just a good wine in the unique wine bottle holder from Metal Imagination and you will also know how to give a bottle of wine and etiquette of tasting and drinking wine.

Etiquette for a glass of wine with dinner won’t be an unnecessarily difficult ordeal if to remember several useful tips to follow the customs of wine service. Before starting to speak about wine dinner etiquette and wine restaurant etiquette, it is important to know the main rules of tasting wine. First of all, when holding your glass, make sure to grip the stem. If you hold the wine glass by the bowl, your hand will heat the wine and this could change the flavor. Even the smallest details can change the flavor of wine. So make sure you don't wear any strong smelling perfumes, avoid eating heavily flavored foods such as curries and don't smoke. All these things will limit the flavors you'll taste in a wine gifts and could mask or interfere with the bouquet.

When you are at a restaurant, you should stick to restaurant wine etiquette. When choosing a wine from a restaurant's wine list, the main goal is to accomplish a combination of your meal with wine. You may ask a waiter or a sommelier what wines compliment your dish and say whether you prefer full-bodied wines or wines from a specific region. After ordering, your selection will be presented label forward, to the host of the party to verify it is the correct wine. A small amount will then be poured for the host. Swirl the wine in the glass, smell, then taste it to make sure the wine is not spoiled and is not an opportunity to send back a sound wine that you are not crazy about. After approval, the wine will be poured clockwise to the right, ladies first and the host's glass will be topped last.

Etiquette for glass of wine with diner requires making sure that your guests are comfortable with the process. Never pour wine for guests immediately after opening - allow wine time to breathe at room temperature. In order to make sure that the wine is sound and unspoiled sample small amount away from company. If more than one wine is served, make sure that they are poured in a logical progression. Start with light white wines in the same way you do in a tasting room; next move onto the red wines as reds have a heavier body than whites. If you are having a simple party, have cheeses that will bring out the flavor of the wine. Finish off the evening with a sweet dessert wine and make sure you choose a dessert that will compliment it.

Wine carries with it a classic appeal are terrific when used at a wine party at your home.  For special occasions, buy custom wine gifts that are fit for the occasion.  You can browse through our products and locate any items that will accessorize well with your home.

One more very important thing to take into account when serving your guests is sediment at the bottom of a bottle that is usual with older wines. The last person who fills the glass should always be a host, but still keep in mind to avoid the embarrassing instance of sediment that may appear in your glass if you are not careful. With these tips you are prepared for the majority of social situations that involve wine gifts and will always know how to give a bottle of wine and etiquette of treating guests if the dinner takes place at your home.