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About Us

Looking for a unique gift that’ll make a lasting impression? Metal Imagination has handcrafted metal art, sculptures and home decorations that make great companions as well as personalized gifts for men and women. Many of our handcrafted collectables can be emblazoned with customizable decals and molded, engravable pewter plates, and are made from recycled steel and copper. With our assorted selection of metal sculptures and cool gifts, you’re guaranteed a lasting treasure that resonates with the individual personality and taste of its recipient.


H&K sculptures let you express your hobby, career, or interest in a fun, whimsical way. Expert artisan Guenter Scholz’s designs are modeled after a wide variety of sports, vehicles, hobbies and professions. They make thoughtful and unique gifts, whether they’re for a dedicated dentist, golf geek, or cowboy enthusiast. They’re also highly collectable, and you might just want to start your very own assembly of miniature metal musicians, masseurs, or motorcycles.

The H&K line blends functionality with a playful sense of humor. These little guys are happy to hold your pens, memos, or business cards, or just sit on your desk and spark conversations.


Our quirky menagerie of Yardbirds includes finely crafted cats, dogs, birds and more. Rich Kolb and Phil Smith infuse each sculpture with its own distinctive personality, and they’ll definitely add a charming accent to your house, office, or garden.

Yardbirds are perfect gifts for women and men who want the companionship of a pet without all the high maintenance. You won’t have to worry about feeding your Siamese cat flower pot holder, or taking your dog wall clock for a walk. Animal lovers and anyone who appreciates fun and offbeat artwork will flip over these adorable critters.

Custom Metal Sculptures

Having a hard time finding the right product for an extra-special occasion? If you’ve got something specific in mind for someone with a very particular interest or calling, we can modify an existing piece or even design something completely original based on your specifications.

Putting together a goodie bag for a corporate event? Send us your logo and we can integrate it into a stylish business card holder that’s sure to draw attention. Need a memorable gift for your business clients? We’ll design a sculpture that’s an accurate or humorous representation of your profession. Let your imagination run wild!

Our Mission

Our talented designers and artisans are devoted to producing unique sculptures that add fanciful flavor anywhere they’re placed. We pride ourselves on producing imaginative and high-quality work, and can't wait to provide you with excellent products and service.