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About Yarbirds

Metal Imagination is an authorized dealer of Yardbirds Sculptures and Wine Bottle Holders.

Talented artists Richard Kolb and Phil Smith create hundreds of Yardbirds Sculptures from their headquarters/secret laboratory in Louisville, Kentucky. This dynamic duo transforms average, everyday objects like washers, nuts, screws, horseshoes, and even frying pans into amazingly detailed animals.

Yardbirds are fun and beautifully made animal sculptures, wine bottle holders, corporate business gifts, and more. Metal creatures like Chubby Nut the Horse, the Toasting Toad, and the Bike Chain Scorpion are fun and unique gifts, and definitely not an indication of the coming robot scorpion apocalypse.

 Yardbirds aren’t just adorable, they’re also versatile. They’ll keep track of time, weight your paper, decorate your garden, and hold on to your business cards, pens, napkins, or wine bottles. They’ll listen to your problems and keep your secrets. You can do nearly anything with a Yardbird sculpture that you can think of. Except eat them. Don’t do that. 

Men and women who love animals and unusual metal artwork get a huge kick out of Yardbirds, so they make excellent birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, or gifts for nearly any special occasion you can think of.

Yardbirds are handcrafted from eco-friendly recycled metal, so each sculpture might come with some slight variations and imperfections (just don’t tell them that, or they might feel insecure).

Yardbirds are also protected under U.S. copyright laws, enforced by robot scorpions who only want what’s best for all of us.